Trawl Fishing with TV crew.

Blue Corner Magazine 

This week Koji, our president, and one of our staffs went to Trawl fishing. The main purpose is that we helped TV crews to make a TV program to focus on deepsea animals catching by Trawl fishing. IMG_6507 We left the port at 4 am to go to the fishing area. It’s very early morning and freezing. The temperature was 1 or 2 degree C. And when the ship was going to the fishing area, the wind was blow strongly and the temperature we felt was -5 degree.IMG_6556 IMG_6586 After sunrise, we could start fishing as a regulation. By the fisherman’s support, we could collect some interesting animals. Some of them were dead when we had, but it’s still valuable specimen for museum or our record. IMG_6597 IMG_6653